Crystal Collectibles

Welcome to Crystal Collectibles, Healing Crystal Research Center. We are scientists, philosophy and art researchers and metaphysical enthusiasts willing to find the sacred power of Healing Crystals and gemstones.

About Crystal Research

Researching Crystals is a difficult process where we need not just science and evidence but also an emotional feeling of crystal users and gemstone fans. Before starting research we always come from a sceptical point of view. we do not believe in any power from the start point and we want to find evidence and clues to make our final decision on crystal and gemstones.

We check crystals for abnormal vibrations, frequency, and any other magnetic activity. But it’s hard to tell whether crystals have power or not. Because having frequency doesn’t mean having a power. everything around has its frequency, electro-magnetic field and some times its own energetic structure. at the end of the day, we all made from molecules and atoms and all molecules have electrons.

Healing crystals and their meaning

Starting from ancient times people believed that crystals and stones has their inner power and healing spirit. crystals were usen in all traditions around the world, spiritual traditions, shamanic rituals and meditations to enhance humans inner power, boost their chakra energy and clean their aura from evil beings. For more info  check

Healing Crystals is spiritual and cultural phenomenon which became popular last 2 decades. Some people call it simple hoax and don’t elive in any power and thing that spending money in crystals  is unconscious thing to do.

In other hand what is better to support multi million dollar jewery, diamond industry which is corrupt and  cause  lots of pain and suffer in all continents. Or  invest in natural, sustainable stones which  can be mined domestically or abroad by  local miners, small families and can be polished . by small manifacturers.

By buying Crystals and Gemstones you support local small business. at the end of the day everything we put value in is somehow relative to cultural, historical and  personal reality.